Saturday, September 25, 2010

Monica DiNatale at Mel’s Burger Bar


Mel’s Burger Bar at 110th and Broadway in New York City is no ordinary burger joint. With the fun combinations of Sandwich and Burgers, plain lettuce and tomato would just be too boring here, although you can have your burger anyway you want it! I preferred the Broadway Burger with melted swiss, onions, thick Neuske’s bacon and jalapenos on sliced, toasted sourdough. If you like a little spice with your food, you’re going to love it!  The Chili was delicious and the Atomic Fries, were fun and unique.  Seriously, topped with a Buffalo-like sauce over real cut potatoes, these were excellent fries!  Thirsty???  There are always 18 draft beers and the tap lined back bar make trying each one very tempting!  Which is why this is a perfect time to stop by. . . Mel’s is participating in the New York Craft Beer Week by offering a fixed price $40 beer and food pairing.  This offer can’t be beat and is a fun way to enjoy good food and great craft beer specialties in one visit!  Like what you drink??  Mel’s sells each beer by the ‘growler’ to take home and enjoy later!  But, I must be honest, and, true to form, my favorite part of the menu is the “spiked” milkshakes. Excellent frozen concoctions like the “Beer & Cookies” shake made with Stout ice cream was so unique I wanted to taste all 12 flavors immediately, and I will, all in due time.  The “Shot of Joe” with mocha chip ice cream and Kahlua and Bailey’s is a chocolate lover’s dream. Mel’s uses Max & Mina’s homemade ice cream from Queens to develop the special flavors.  The in-crowd, families, burger and beer fanatics, and Columbia students all have something to love at this cool and busy Upper West Side newcomer. For more information go to

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Friday, September 10, 2010

NY Craft Beer Week Exclusive Press Preview


Beer enthusiasts and foodies alike are united in the 3rd Annual NY Craft Beer Week, September 24 to October 3. The kickoff event was sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery and provided a sneak peek at some of the beers being offered this year. The citywide event covers all five boroughs and offers the opportunity to enjoy over 100 craft beers as well as Zagat’s “Beer Pairing Menus.” I can tell you, from first hand experience, that these craft beers are truly unique and leave you wanting more! Just purchase your NYC Beer Passport 2010 for $10 for a full list of participating bars and restaurants. The passport allows you to sample craft beers for $3 at participating merchants. That’s right, $3!  Quite a beer deal for the big city!  

Among my favorites sampled were Brooklyn Brewery’s Cookie Jar Porter, a delicious blend of Oatmeal Cookies and dark malty liquid gold. Not too sweet but just enough flavor to get my attention. Victory Brewing Company offers a wide range of Belgian and German style beers including Saison du BUFF, a blend of rosemary, sage and thyme. It was like drinking Thanksgiving in a glass. Ommegang Brewery form Cooperstown, NY offers one of the smoothest Pale Ales I’ve tasted and Goose Island Brewery makes 50 craft beers including Madame Rose that ages in wine barrels with whole cherries. I sampled Sofie, a dry sparkling ale with a hint of orange peel and vanilla. All of these beers were fantastic!  Craft beers are here to stay!

I know some of you are purists and just want to drink a Bud and be happy, but for a $10 passport you might just discover a world of enjoyment you never knew existed. Trust me, it’s worth it!

To purchase your Beer Passport and get more information go to  CHEERS!!!

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