Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Forty Four Bar & The Cocktail Collective

monica_dinatale_forty_four.jpg  Just the name “Cocktail Collective” peaked my interest but I could not have imagined how unique the cocktails were. Forty Four at the Royalton Hotel is above and beyond the scope of your average hotel bar. First, the cocktails. The “Cocktail Collective” is a group of the best bartenders in the country each suggesting their favorite cocktail for The Royalton. The drinks are a throwback to a time when drinking a cocktail was an experience. Think Mad Men meets NYC midtown. Willy Shine of Contemporary Cocktails mixes drinks like a scientist complete with house made grenadine and simple sugar syrups. Even the ice and glasses are customized to the beverage! My favorite was the Stone Place; aged Jamaican rum, fresh squeezed organic lemon and orange juice, house made grenadine, shaken and served up with a dusting of nutmeg. You’ll also find standards like The Singapore Sling from The Raffles Hotel and a Champagne Cobbler. Chef Scott Ekstrom, formerly of Daniel and Oceana, has created a tapas style menu with equal intensity. Meant to be shared, each dish has layers of flavors that continue to explode in your mouth with each bite. I can tell you to place 2 orders of the Pork Belly Tacos with pickled garlic and fresh lime because 1 just isn’t enough! If you are a seafood fan, the Warm Shrimp Cocktail with blood orange curry and black lime is also a winner. While the menu boasts New York prices (Items start at $15), I can tell you that it is worth the splurge! It’s midtown location make it perfect for locals and impressive for visitors. My advice, put the Blackberry away, sip a cocktail and enjoy the moment…Chef Ekstrom shared his recipe for Warm Shrimp Cocktail with my readers. warm_shrimp_cocktail.doc Enjoy! For more information go to www.RoyaltonHotel.com 

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